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LOS ANGELES, CALI. (August 28, 2012) – Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) announces that Post Artist XVALA steals pop star icon Justin Bieber’s residential trashcan, which will serve as the key mainframe for the first fine art Google App robot that will be made available to the public online and in upcoming gallery shows.

“BieberBot” is a life-sized robot, proportionality constructed from Bieber’s residential trashcan, and other collected material salvaged by XVALA’s dumpster diving practices of invading tech founders’ and celebrity’s residential trashcans throughout Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles area.  The Bieber contribution to this piece promotes the recognition of celebrity stardom through the culture phenomenon of social media and how it governs the mainstream media and the global economy.   

“XVALA’s latest embodiment of work doesn’t only put in perspective who we’ve become as a culture, but most importantly what this current generation has in store for us in the very near future,” said Cory Allen.  “This is true commentary and a warning for our next generation.”  

XVALA created the “BieberBot” sculpture as a Google App; a digitally 3D induced application promoting the App Evolution integrated with social and tabloid media, and celebrity status, such as Justin Bieber’s continued growth in the current market.  “I wanted to create a monster like Dr. Frankenstein and Google,” said the artist. 
“Justin Bieber was the perfect component to this piece for many reasons,” said Cory Allen.  “Bieber is a product of social media and social media continues to be a perfect outlet in his endeavors.”  

Data is my fine art,” said XVALA.  “I want to exploit what people can’t Google.”