XVALA is an artist whose work most often lies at the intersection of art and technology, appropriating spaces, materials, and subject matter that others have overlooked as artistic tools. He is known for his Fear Google campaign, which targeted the unavoidable loss of privacy in modern life, and he made international headlines No Delete, an exhibition stemming from the release of nude celebrity photos that were made public by hackers, again showcasing our loss of control in the Internet Age. He called his use of these types of images "disruptive innovation".


XVALA standing in front of a Google van at the Googleplex, Mountain View, CA, August 2018

Due to his tendency toward appropriation art, XVALA is often compared to Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, and Richard Prince. He also has been compared to Banksy for his occasional forays into street art.

XVALA standing next to Banksy's Caveman and his XVALA tag on the same wall during Art Basel Miami Beach, 2019.