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Pirate, 2008

(Hand carved wood wrapped in stingray skin)

40 x 40 x 0.75 in
101.6 x 101.6 x 1.9 cm
Edition: 1 of 1


NORMAN, Okla. — Artist, Xvala, is introducing two new art series at MAINSITE Contemporary Art. The opening is scheduled for Friday, October 10 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 122 East Main Street in Norman. The works will be exhibited through November 29. The artist, Xvala, says he, wants to “look like Jeff Koons, feel like Damien Hirst, and be a prince like Richard Prince.” His first art series — “Eco Celebrity” — has two components: “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” and “Pirate.” The table top pieces in “Amusing Ourselves to Death” focus on inner beauty; “Pirate” concentrates on outer beauty.

The table tops are taken outside of their practical use and wall mounted. The wall-mounted circular tabletops communicate the historical relevance to the use of natural beauty in furnishing lifestyle.

Each table top bears the non-descriptive title “Amusing Ourselves to Death” and each has a descriptive name at the end such as flower or explosion to complement the table’s natural and individual beauty.

The table tops’ source showcases these highly sought after exotic woods commonly used in luxury furniture. The fabricator, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a major vendor to notable gaming and luxury resort hotels and casinos.

One of the pieces, “Amusing Ourselves to Death Flower” was created to express inner beauty.

“We’ve always used trees in this way — for their inner beauty,” Xvala says. “I believe the concept for inner beauty must have come from trees.”

Pirate” is a sculpture that was fashioned after a women’s designer handbag made from stingray skin; it examines outer beauty and what this means to people.

“Big Sausage Pizza” is part of the Surprise series – a series about things people can experience in a new way. A stainless steel sculpture, the piece was based on popular Internet pornography images traded on the Internet. It combines America’s favorite food and home-delivery service. The artistic and emotional effect is released when the box is opened.

Pieces in the Surprise series display a lifestyle of how to be entertaining in new ways. One of the first pieces in this series was of Britney Spears — The Appeal of The Loss of Desirability.

Both the Eco Celebrity and the Surprise series artfully provide strategic secrets for how to achieve business and personal success.

MAINSITE is a contemporary commercial art gallery with exhibitions that rotate approximately every nine weeks.